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Management consulting focused wine tasting



Do you have wishes for who we should partner up with?

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what can you expect?

We are aiming for what’s bigger and better!

Going away from our member-based structure, everyone is invited to attend our exclusive events going forward. We offer three to six events each year held in collaboration with the best of the best from within the Danish consulting industry. We want to facilitate and build the bridge between the hottest consulting firms and you, the young consultant.

At the events, attendees get a chance of interacting with the specific consulting firms present at the event while getting unique insights into their operations. Activities during the hours you are attending the event varies, but what you can expect are company introductions, development of personal skills, introductions to management consulting, preparation for job interviews in the management consulting industry, networking with like-minded peers and potential future employers, talks on hot topics, and the possibility to gaining valuable insights into the industry and life as a consultant.

Usually, the events are held in the evening hours on weekdays. You will be provided with snacks and beverages while you attend the events. The duration of each event is typically two to four hours at locations across Copenhagen.

In addition to the above, CPH Management Consulting Club hosts informal events occasionally primarily with the purpose of providing students in Copenhagen to strengthen their network with likeminded peers and profiles from within the management consulting industry.

Please note that if you participate in our events, you give permission for us to take and use pictures in where you may perform for social media- and marketing use.